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Trying to access an education for my Daughter with complex- special needs ?

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angelsfly Mon 12-Mar-12 20:52:04

Hi i am new to mums net, so if i get the link wrong please advise me?
My daughter is 14 years old and was going to sit her GCSEs this year. Unfortunately she suffers with Complex regional pain syndrome, which affects mainly her ankles legs and hands. This means she is in constant pain and can on some days make it impossible for her to weight bare at all and use her hands to write. Because her condition has deteriorated since September she has been unable to attend school. The school which she attends and social services want her to be classified as unfit to attend school in order for her to access home tutoring.
Despite me highlighting my concerns; that she would be totally house bound, socially isolated and cut off from her friends because she lives in a rural area; they took no notice. They could not tell me either how many hours she would be taught. all my daughter requires to get an education is an appropriate wheelchair which the NHS cannot supply and we cannot afford, someone to help support her in school and someone to teach her at home on the days when she cannot weight bare. because this type support is not available in the county of Devon, my daughter lays on the settee each day socially isolated cut off from her friends and unable to access an education. Can anyone advise?

angelsfly Mon 12-Mar-12 20:53:13

My daughter is 14 and has chronic regional pain syndrome in her hands ankles and legs making it impossible to weight bear at times, due to swelling and pain; and at times is unable to write.
She requires an enabler and a wheelchair to get her to school. All disciplinarians cannot agree who will supply this help. So she has been left uneducated isolated and housebound since last September.
Thank you to all whom have offered advice. However over the past two years, i have approached CAB for a solicitor no joy too complicated for them to sort out, contacted my local MP; The LEA; Social services, the Health Authority, GP, health visitor, ACE, charities, probably every person you can think of apart from going public and taking her story to a national paper.
We have a meeting at the school next Tuesday, with the head teacher; the school nurse; SENCO; her specialist (paediatrics); social services; her occupational therapist; and the educational welfare officer.
However i have been on the phone today to both the Occupational therapist, the SENCO, Social services and told my daughter will have a wheelchair in the next five weeks, so could they sort out an enabler. i told them she required a person to help her to get to and from school to help out at school with wheelchair assistance, doors; but also she required someone to write for her when her hands are in pain and swollen. And to collect work and go over it with her on the days she is unable to attend.
as soon as i asked for this help they all started to say it was not there responsibility to provide an enabler. One says its social care the other it’s educational; they continue to pass the buck.
I told them i was sick of them sitting on the fence of what is and is not legal; and if nothing is sorted out in the next meeting; i would be taking my daughter to school myself and stand outside with the press until they find someone to help my daughter get to school and get an education.
if anyone has any advice, which i can use at the meeting please advise me?

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