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Does the biological father HAVE to be involved in power of attorney and moving on to adult services?

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duke Sat 25-Feb-12 11:47:45

Going through transition in to adult services with my sister and her sn ds 18. We were talking with the transitions worker about opening a bank account for him, he said that because he is unable to make a sound judgement she would have to see a solicitor about becoming power of attorney.(She also has to decide which day care and respite care is suitable too). Then he said that all blood ties would be contacted about it. Problem is the father/exh has not been on the scene since he was 5 never given him any money, seen him etc my sister is now in panic that he is going to be contacted (not sure how they would find him) and have a say in his future. He was violent and an alcoholic surely he won't be able to suddenly be a part of his life now????

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