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My daughter doesn't understand about money (sorry long)

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mumo3g Mon 30-Jan-12 21:49:16

I'm at a loss to know what to do.

My daughter is nearly 23 but has the mental age of 10 - 12 ish. I used to have power of attorney. She went away for 3 years in a residential college. It taught her the hotel trade and independant living skills. I had to give up the power of attorney so they could train her to budget. They kept hold of her card and gave her an allowance from her money. She had to keep reciepts and write down what she spent it on. It worked well.

She moved out of there and her card was given back to her. She moved into a supported living place and we felt that she should look after her own money. But unfortunatly she starting spending on things she didn't need. Or we said we would help her get the best to suit her needs ie a laptop. (husband knows a thing or two about them) she got support to get it returned to the shop where she brought it from the next day. But there has been other things like a ipod touch and tunes from itunes. Value over £1,000!

She did have problems with her benifits and so got given a lump sum so she has been spending in her means but it's her flipency on her spending. She keeps lieing to care staff and even though she has now got the manager looking after her card she has still spent money where she didn't need to.. She goes shopping for food once a week and this week she thought that it would be a good idea to get 4 wii controlers and a charging stand. She is getting them returned tomorrow.

She is now moving to a place where she won't be living so close to shops and take away places. My husband says maybe we should keep her card and give her an allowance as the current ways are not working. My concern is what happens if anything happens to us? and is it legal to look after her card if she isn't living with us??

frankiebuns Sun 16-Nov-14 06:46:32

On the card side yes it is legal can't you become a named person sorry forget what proper terminology is (baby brain) I know my mum did it with my uncle's card and I work in a shop and. See it happen loads of times. Can you not go back to what the residential college did and also if it's just on cards and not real paper money could you actually show her the money as it seems more real if you physically see the money as if it's on a card it doesn't seem real I was a bit like this no money in my wallet bung it on my card worry about it later

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