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I don't understand the new pip payment

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clouty Tue 28-Feb-12 10:29:18

That's a bit of a trick question, as we just don't know yet. Some people are worried that the new disability descriptions that have to apply to a person to be awarded the new benefit are not realistic, and miss some major disabilities.

PIP and DLA are supposed to cover some of the additional costs of living with a disability.

PIP has been designed to take half a million existing DLA claimants out of the benefit. We know how hard DLA is to claim - it seems PIP is going to be even harder. They are getting rid of the lower care band all together.

The crazy thing is that many working disabled rely on their mobility payments to get them to and from work, and pay for the adaptions they need to be able to work in the first place. Many of the severely disabled think they won't get this help under the new PIP benefit. This will just increase costs in other areas, and is likely to more than wipe out any savings that have been planned into PIP.

In order to enable the public consultation being held now by the DWP, a group of disabled people have had a go at translating the consultation documents (very dense) into plain English.

The group involved calls itself Spartacus, and created a twitter storm around the Welfare Reform Bill a while back, trending top for a while They were one of the main forces to bring the details of welfare reforms under the magnifying glass.

If you want to have a bash at raising awareness about how disabled people are being shafted, join us!

There's lots more here

PIP simplified second draft regulations explained purple box version
Ditto, plain text
PIP consultations translated purple version box version

A plain text version of the second document will be available soon, and I'll add the link as soon as I can.

The original Spartacus Report can be seen here

calamityboo Tue 17-Jan-12 22:36:51

My ds is 14 and gets mid rate care and low rate mobility dla, what do the new pip payments mean?

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