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can my partner claim carers allowance?

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cazzakabb Sat 14-Jan-12 09:12:48

I claim carers allowance for my SDD teenager. I have the chance of full time work, so is it possible for my unemployed partner put in a claim for CA?

PositiveAttitude Sun 15-Jan-12 09:19:38

I think you need to work a bit to get CA. From what I understand you need to work, but have an income of less than £104 a week, so if your partner is unemployed I don't think he will qualify.

sashh Mon 16-Jan-12 06:04:10

yes you can claim but your partner will have to switch from JS to IS

kittyatmyfoot Tue 21-Aug-12 20:22:51

you can claim CA and earn 100.00 per week in wages, if partner is on JS the amount of care allowence will be taken into consideration when calculating his benefit

Gottalovecosta Tue 25-Sep-12 23:06:52

You don't have to work to get CA, you CAN work and earn up to £104 a week but you not have to. My husband claims CA for our son and is his full time carer. Hth.

Siakin25 Fri 16-Aug-13 07:28:24

I think can claim with out claiming IS or JS allowance

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