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school says my ds does not need a statement?

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MotherFromHell Sun 05-Feb-12 22:31:27


Just noticed that nobody has answered you post.

Please post it again on SN Children where there are many posters who can assist.

crazygal Sun 20-Nov-11 15:16:52

hello there
over the last 3 years of school the school have said my ds (7) has been troublesome,
ive been called in several times about his behaviour and things hes been doing.
and the last parent evening they said they are using alittle 1-1 with him as hes disruptive in class,
i asked them is he needed one 2 one,to which they said,dont even go there!
1:we dont have the funds
2:if theres a 1-1 avaliable in school we can use them
3:hes not that bad!

my ds got diagnosed with mild to moderate adhd,just two weeks ago,
so what i need to know is,
does he need a statement?how do i go about it?what if the school refuse/
my ds changes school next sept to middle school
thank you,x

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