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Does anyone have any experience with CAF referrals?

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BubbleBobble Sat 19-Nov-11 20:41:51

Firstly, my apologies if this is in the wrong place.

I have cancer (caught early, luckily, with a high chance of a 'cure' as far as these things go). I'm only in my twenties and I was working up until I started treatment. DP works full-time, but in shifts and DS is only 18 months old.

Our family health nurse has started the ball rolling with regards to doing a CAF. I don't know much about what it will involve, but the intent behind it is to try and secure funding for DS's nursery place (currently full-time Mon - Thurs, but she's looking at asking for funding for Mon - Fri) as I'm not able to look after him without help and due to the situation, I've almost exhausted my entitlement to company sick pay, including SSP. The only other 'alternative' if we don't get funding is for DP to give us work and go onto benefits, which is no alternative at all really.

I'm just interested in hearing about other peoples' experiences, either with regards to CAF referrals, or just about being ill and trying to juggle family life as well as cope with illness. Thanks.

Dillydaydreaming Sat 19-Nov-11 20:58:22

Hi Bobble, sorry to hear you have been ill - perhaps post this as well in General Health as there are a few there who are dealing with (or have had treatment for) cancer.
A CAF is basically looking at a child holistically and seeing what resources can be targeted towards them in order to help them achieve and keep on an even keel with other children. As you've been unwell then a case could be made for your DS needing input as it would allow you to rest and your DS will not miss out.
I am about to sort out a CAF for DS who is 8 and autistic to help him with thisgs - hoping it will help me too.
My only other experience of CAF forms is in filling them in for families occasionally (am a health visitor). I don't do them often though as other agencies use them more than we do. My experience of them has been fairly good - particularly where there are several needs in a family.
Once the assessment is done it is forwarded to a multi agency team who look at it with regard to support - then money or other resources are allocated from there.
Hope that helps a little bit.

BubbleBobble Sat 19-Nov-11 21:10:12

Thank you Dillydaydreaming, that was helpful. Do you know how long on average it takes for things to be sorted out? I'm imagining we'll have to show proof of earnings and things like that, but I've not heard anything. Our family health nurse is the 'gatekeeper', which I'm assuming means she's co-ordinating it all and I won't hear anything from her until next week.

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