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disablity abuse/neighbours

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tarponsspringsiloveyou Tue 27-Sep-11 22:26:57

Hi, new poster in this section.
My problem started 3 years ago. We moved into a Housing Association Home (bad debt couldn't get a mortgage at that time or now for that matter).
Was glad to get the house but found out that the next door neighbour thought her sister was getting it, which resulted in the last 3 yrs of abuse from them.
I guess i want to know what other people think of 1) said neighbour and sister driving at my disabled 6 yr old as he tries to get into his my car on a residential parking area, ( and then laughing and gloating whilst they go on into their own house). And 2) calling the same child all manner of derogatory disabalist words whilst he is about.
I am really concerned about the car incident which is the most recent, I have lost faith in the HA who are reluctant to take any action without evidence. (which is hard to get as it can be sporadic - long periods of piece followed by abuse) It is hard to detect when it will happen!
Sorry if I am rambling, very upset and stressed.
Would love to move to private rented accomodation just trying to find a landlord who will take bad debt! thanks

purplepidjinawoollytangle Tue 27-Sep-11 22:52:52

I have no legal knowledge but I think I'd be involving the police by now!

Keep a diary detailing every incident, get pics of any damage printed with time and date stamps - use a disposable film camera??? - and ask other neighbours to do the same, perhaps?

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