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Saving for your special needs child's future.

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Driftwood999 Sun 18-Sep-11 17:06:40

I have been reading the advice given through Q&A with Barclays savings expert Andy Gray on Money Matters. One question posted by Proudmum74 concerned the best way to save for a fund to support her disabled baby daughter when she is older, should she be unable to work. I just want to make the point (because it was not covered in the answer) that a Trust should be created in these circumstances, or when leaving money in a will to a disabled person. The reason being that if the individual is entitled to benefits, then the savings will be taken into account and therefore they would not benefit from the additional income. A Trust would protect that income/saving & investments which would supplement the benefits as the parents intends. I hope that Proudmum74 is aware of this and consults a solictitor about this. I am amazed that banks think that one size fits all!

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