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help with dla mobility

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mummy2ty Sun 14-Aug-11 15:06:27

hi my son is 6 years old and diagnosed with server learning difficulties and server behaviour problems with the mental age of 3 . he will be going to a special school in september and is being assessed for autism and has sensory issues . The major problem we have at home and when out is his meltdowns and no awareness of dangers . when he has a meltdown he will kick , scream lay on the floor , bite and scratch himself and others and needs physically lifting to a safe place which i can no longer due to weight and size so he can only go out with two adults present .
we get high rate care because of his night needs (not yet dry in the day or night , night terrors and smearing ).
we applied for mobility and got lower rate which we are great full for but i know he falls into the higher rate category of server learning difficulties and behaviour problems . i appealed with a letter from the social worker but still got refused i now need to write out a form and if they still disagree it goes to tribunal .
i'm just wondering if any parents have children with similar difficulties as my son and get high rate . also should i fight this surely the tribunal will agree with dla ?
thank you

chinax Tue 27-Dec-11 22:33:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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