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DLA - eligibility

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spearhead Fri 24-Jun-11 18:49:57

Not sure whether this is the right place. My DS has mild aspergers, he functions reasonably well but has 1-1 TA at school for 20 hours a week. We are currently involved in getting a statement.
The diagnosis is reasonably new (November 2010), and I seem to be coming out of the fog now and have been wondering about DLA. Would my DS be eligable, how would I know? What would I do to find out and or claim?
I used to work in a high pressure job, almost full time, but now work school hours, term time only and earn much less, to ensure he can go to after school activities and/or home if he is tired.

happymole Fri 24-Jun-11 19:04:42

You would be entitled to DLA, it's not means tested and is based on care needs.

The best thing would be to ring and order the form. Be warned though, it is evil! You will want to include all paperwork from pead, SALT, TA etc with it. When I applied for my dd who is asd I based everything on the worst possible day, it feels really negative and disloyal but you have to battle though it smile

Come back when you are doing the form or search the archives there is loads of fab advice here.

Hope this Helps smile

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