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Care plan for adult with SN

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AgentProvocateur Tue 14-Feb-12 19:11:02

First thing to do is to find out how his care is being provided (carers employed directly, by the council, or another organisation) and funded. He will have a SW who will - hopefully - review his care plan on an annual basis. If the carers are employed directly, through direct payments, you will need to sort it out with them.

If SS are funding and arranging the support, his SW would be a good first step to take.

Summer123 Tue 14-Feb-12 19:02:24

Hi Questionsforacrab
Your local Pals or Advocacy service could help. Just try googling them with your locality.

Questionsforacrab Tue 05-Apr-11 22:16:15

I've name-changed for this as I need to be anonymous for this one. My adult cousin has learning difficulties and ASD. He lives in what I think is called an 'assisted living' arrangement, i.e. without live-in carers but is visited daily by carers. Currently he is stressed out about various topics. I can't quite make out what exactly but among them are that he is unhappy with some of his carers.

If I'm worried about him (and I am) who can I contact for advice? I can't just waltz in and speak to the carers because there appears to be some friction there (whether real or perceived, I cannot tell). Also, how would his care plan work - if there were to be a change in his living arrangements, on what basis would that be decided?

I am sorry to be so vague and to ask such wide-ranging questions but I cannot really give any more details at the moment because a) I'm not really clear what's going on - I just know that something is and b) I've a feeling it may all be a bit sensitive.

If you can advise me on any of these topics, I'd really appreciate that. I am very concerned about him at the moment.

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