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Missycb Sun 26-Feb-12 14:48:47

I'm a mother of 2 boys aged 10 and 13 years old and both have ADHD which can be a real struggle at times I'm having the same difficulties and my health worker advised me to try and get funding for activities

shazzaxx Sun 20-Feb-11 14:30:01

hi is there any mums out there with an adhd child? with teens as well? i have 3girls aging from 22yrs old (with my lovely one of each grandchildren) a 16yr old,and a 14yr old, my last child of four,my son jack at nearly 12yrs old has A.D.H.D now my home used to be fun, fun,fun,now its tears,no fun,and arguments constantly! i need help on trying to get my once close close family ...well close again xx we only communicate followed by a huge slanging match with me as a referee and intears the girls understand jacks condition and the effect it has on me,and especially them ive tried to explain to the girls about what he can and cant control and when he does that results in the most causes of the war in our house please i would appreciate anything to try if it doesnt work i will go to the next one xx thank you for reading this xx shazz

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