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JDibdab Wed 04-Nov-09 12:52:05

Hi, I have a son with Aspergers, Sensory Integration disorder, ADHD and anxiety. We have just being refused an assessment for a statement for the second time so quite fed up! I took him out of mainstream in July of this year because the School he was attending failed him in every way dispite the fact he was on a high level of funding ASD2. I am home educating now, but don't know the best we to help him learn - we have tried formal as a structure to his day is better, but it isn't working with him as his concentration level is about 10 mins, less if he doesn't like what he is doing, often refusing altogether.

I did ask the LEA to consider my son attending a local special school 1 day a week, but this was refused, but was told he could if he was in mainstream - how wrong is that!

Please help me I am a Mother in distress!

WheeeFreshSparkleBang Wed 04-Nov-09 20:05:06

I'm afraid I know nothing but you might get a response if you bump your thread occasionally - it keeps the thread in the Active Conversations list.

To bump, you just post something on the thread - this post will bump it for a bit.

Hope you get some answers soon, there's some really lovely people on the SN board.

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