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Can anyone please advise JDibdab she really needs some advice

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clarisa Wed 04-Nov-09 12:47:37

I have copied this from another thread as I thought it needed to be on here. Clarisa x

My son is diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD, Sensory integration disorder, anxiety but I have just been refused an assessment for the second time. He has not been in mainstream since July this year as I pulled him out because things got so bad for him, and I watched him go backwards, become withdrawn, angry and agressive. He at present is home educated as I still cant even get a day a week in a special school as the LEA who does not know my son has said no. My Son is now 11 and I wondered if anyone could give me some advice about being successful in a statement and/or ideas about how to home educate successfully. Please help

PeachyInCarnivalFeathers Wed 04-Nov-09 12:52:33


I have a similar son aged 9.

Mine does have a statement and I largely got that with support from IPSEA and SOS!SEN, both organisations you should call, as well as the NAS education line.

Statementing is very council- specific, ours seem to give out loads of low hours ones, whilst tohers seem to fight every request reagrdless of need. Its worth chatting to local ASD groups if there are any near you to get an overview;its also worth taking to SENDIST level as many an LEA will back out at zero hours but try it on all the way.

Wesent laods of info into ours about how schoolas trresses affect his meantal halth and behaviour at home, thats ort of thing.Everything was backed up by NAS etc information sheets, and similar. A BIBIC report was also helpful (google them, they'refar cheaper now than they used to be- £50 IIRC), as it shows so clearly what areas are an issue (and is good for sensory things anyway)

sickofsocalledexperts Sun 08-Nov-09 19:14:05

Two other thoughts - you could try some ABA tutors at home. If it works for y our son,. as it has greatly for my son, you can get an IPSEA lawyer to write a letter to LEA threatening to sue them to pay full time ABA, at which stage the special school option might start to look a bit more attractive to them. All my advice can be summed up under the category - make a right nuisance of yourself, threaten PR, talk to MPs, get lawyers' help. Make them see that you are a mosquito who will not go away, however much they swat at it. You coudl actually get your story into the local paper really easily too, but remember that the THREAT of PR is more effective than actually doing it (once you're in the paper, they've nothing left to lose, though they might give you something just to look good in their quote in the article). Also, you've tried strattera etc have you for the ADHD?

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