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Urgent advice needed about aba home program

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zakmum Tue 11-Aug-09 14:02:53

I am a new member. I have dd with asd & adhd,and non-verbal.We want to start a part time aba home program. I want some advice from experienced parents about the providers and who is good. I also need some advice about the good and bad points of discrete trials teaching and vb approach.please help.

DD is nearly 8 with alot of behaviour issues.

MuffinToptheMule Sun 16-Aug-09 23:52:45

I can't be of much help but I didn't want to leave your thread unanswered. If you post in the general SN section you might get some responses.

PipinJo Mon 17-Aug-09 22:37:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

huffyhuffystompstomprahrahrah Thu 17-Sep-09 08:29:37

Hi there,

I have worked on ABA/VB programs for 8 years now and have seen the huge benifits for children of all ages and needs. Elements of it are used in most special schools anyway but on a home program it is much easier to be consistent with the approach, especially if you have a great team of therapists.

Discrete trials are used as part of errorless learning which means that your child will very rarely have the opportunity to fail or make mistakes - instead he will learn through his successes. It is absolutely not about 'mass trialing'. VB allows language to be taught in a generalised way - rather than your child just learning to label an item, he would be able to request it (requesting is the most important part of VB - hence why it is a motivation driven approach), label it, locate it, and know it by its features, functions, and catagory.

I would highly recommend ABA and VB as they are such lovely, fun, and gentle ways of teaching and have a huge impact on all aspects of life

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