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Please help - advise needed for DS

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MissPitstop Sun 14-Jun-09 07:36:26

Ive posted this in SEN as well as Im not sure which one I should use!

My DS1 has Aspergers, he attends mainstream school but does not have a statement. We are having a whole variety of problems with this, I think he needs 1:1 as but the SENCO has told me that I wont get it. DS doesnt display problems very frequently at school (although has begun to) but explodes when he gets home, this has resulted in violence towards myself and his siblings, self harm, sleep and eating problems, general anx
oiety and school refusal. Until recently he didnt even have an action plan as the SENCO didnt think he needed it "he is exceeding all his target for his age". There was an incident at school yesterday where DS was put in a situation that I had warned them in a meeting just a few days ago would result in DS self harming. I went in to the school this am to talk to them about this. His school teacher apologised and said "it wouldnt have happened if he had 1:1", "I didnt have time to prepare him/sort out an alternative". Does anyone have any experience or advice for getting a statement on the grounds of mental health issues and behaviour caused by school but displayed outside?

bubblagirl Sun 14-Jun-09 07:53:12

i thought anyone was able to ask for a statement its parents legal right if you google statement of special needs it gives you draft letters you can use etc

it sounds like your ds is doing well but maybe more structure as in now and next could be useful so he knows at all times what will be happening

when he gets home maybe he needs an outlet from his stressful day at school the sensory overload may come to much do you have trampoline he could go on to unwind and relax

senco should have some action plan in place if he is doing so well he may not get 1-1 but you may have some extra hours that can be given to support and work around sensory issues maybe i would say statement alone for Aspergers should be enough write your reasons for wanting statement but be honest as they will check up with all professionals and they will decide if statement is needed to be honest your ds sounds like he is doing well and school can give help on action plus i believe this can be done without a statement and you need to ask about getting some IEP in place have meeting with senco discuss your ds difficulties in school and see if some IEP can be drawn up to support him

bubblagirl Sun 14-Jun-09 07:53:42

how old is your ds?

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