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Any mainstream ASD schools in SW

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MummyMilla Mon 13-May-19 13:00:40

My son is nearly 6 (year 1) and on the pathway for ASD diagnosis, he's already been diagnosed with ADHD (but that's being disputed).

Anyway, I am getting my head around the fact that his current school won't work long term; we're having to privately fund his 1:1 and they are ignoring the advice of the OT about how much support he needs etc.

We'd like to keep him there until the end of year 2 ideally as his big brother (no additional needs) is very happy and settled.

So we're thinking ahead for Year 3 and beyond. Does anyone know if any good independent schools in Bristol, Glos, South Glos, Somerset, Wilts that might be an option? I always read about the wonderful More House, but just don't think we're ready to leave the South West.


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