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Mainstream primary in Worthing

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Mummysgirl71 Fri 19-Apr-19 11:03:17

Ok thank you for replying. X

JanuarySkies Fri 19-Apr-19 08:04:06

Thank you luxury, I’ll have a look at west park 👍
I’m not sure about Brighton sorry Mummysgirl71, I don’t really know the area

Mummysgirl71 Mon 15-Apr-19 21:37:37

Ive just moved to brighton area and am looking for a special need school for my 7 year old autistic son. Please help.
Much love

Luxuryhandwash Sat 06-Apr-19 12:12:40

West Park is a mainstream which has an additional needs unit that might be worth a look, I’ve looked round it (it’s quite big) but we ended up in a more specialist setting so no first hand knowledge.

JanuarySkies Fri 05-Apr-19 22:22:39

We’re considering a move to Worthing and would be looking for a mainstream school for our son who is autistic. If we do move we’d obviously go and look round schools but I wondered if anyone had any experience of schools in that area

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