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secondary school in SW London area

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monla01 Fri 05-Apr-19 12:27:32

We have started looking for secondary school for my DS who will be transferring next year. He's high functioning boy with mild ASD, currently in mainstream school with some additional support. No behaviours, a bit behind with curriculum, but very social and capable. With EHCP. We have seen a few big state schools in the area (living near Wimbledon) , some ASD units. I'm a bit worried about sending him to a huge secondary school. Considering independent smaller schools too. Hesitating between mainstream and special school for high functioning children (open to GSCS and further education). I have heard about some, but I would like to hear from the parents about their personal experiences. Maybe any suggestions where it would be worth to look. I have also heard about some good schools outside London, however transport would be an issue there. I'm open to any suggestions from experienced parents

OhMickeyWhatAPity Sat 27-Apr-19 21:53:29

No personal experience but Ewell Castle is worth a look and a pretty easy journey from Wimbledon. Lovely SEN department.
St Cecelia's has a good reputation with ASD as a state option

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