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Need views on Blossom House School

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Marium21 Wed 03-Apr-19 17:42:55

Hi. I was hoping to get some views on Blossom house School ( Motspur Park) . My son is 8 years old and has ASD. He has a severe speech delay due to the fact that he had glue year twice and only really started talking after his second operation close to his 6th birthday. He is verbal and can talk in short sentences. His reading, writing and congnitive ability is above average. He currently goes to an enhanced learning provision (ELP) in a mainstream school and although he really enjoys the structure and class setting , the ELP does not have a strong speech and language focus and this is holding him back. His EHCP consistently mentions that he is delayed and needs intervention but the school do not specify how much therapy he needs, likely because they cannot provide it. We currently pay for a SLT to go into school every week but can see that it’s not enough. A friend recommended Blossom House school . We visited them last week and he passed the initial assessment. Based on what we have read, we feel the school would be beneficial for him. However it’s very expensive (40k per annum) and we have been told to prepare for a long battle with council to fund it.
I wanted to get input from mumsnetters if they have had any experience with the school and whether they would recommend it. If your kids or anyone else you know went there, did you see a big improvement in their speech and communication? It’s a big decision for us and I would really value your input.

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