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Wanting to become a special needs teacher, what do I need to know?

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sweetkitty Sun 17-Mar-19 23:19:32

That’s it really, I’ve applied to be a special needs teacher. I’ve had a few half days visits to the school I want to teach in. Profound needs, 1 staff member to 2 pupils, they said they are always looking for staff.

I know it will be very hard work but I just felt so at home there with the children compared to mainstream. As parents of SN kids what should a teacher know?

Luxuryhandwash Mon 18-Mar-19 13:21:53

IMO communication with parents is key. It is a totally different journey being the parent of a child with SEN and a totally different set of priorities

sweetkitty Mon 18-Mar-19 19:40:58

Thank you

vasillisa Wed 27-Mar-19 13:43:42

Parents have a lot of knowledge to share. As you will have, as you go along. Team work can be magic when it meets the needs of children with SEN.

Good Luck OP, you will be making a world of difference to these kids and their families. That is a job well done.

Its one of those where you could - in future years - be passing the knowledge and skills on.

I remember going to a village in India (this is going back 20 years but still) where a child was just tied up to a post at home. Family just wanted to keep them out of harm's way I guess, while they worked in the fields, looking at it from their point of view, but it's haunted me. And orphanages, don't get me started. So many children there with profound needs.

Sorry to ramble - just meant to come here and say go for it! Let us know how you go on x

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