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ASD in mainstream and Yr6 SATS

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GherkinsOnToast Wed 13-Mar-19 10:30:51

DD is 10 in yr 6 in mainstream, she has an EHP which provides 10/12 hours support a week.

They've been doing 'mock' SATS this past 2 weeks and she is falling apart. DD has been put in a 'group' to sit together during SATS as they are all entitled to extra time. She also has dyspraxia and dyslexia and Sensory Processing Disorder. We've noted from the papers that have some home that she is getting to question 25-25 out of 40 and totally falling apart, missing questions, forgetting to turn pages or just sitting in a confused fog. The TA who works with her regularly can see this but school say she is 'fine' and won't change arrangements.

She has just made the pass mark for SPAG but got 5 out of 20 for spelling and 15 out of 50 for her arithmetic papers and 20/50 each for both reasoning papers (this is with a maths tutor once a week!) She is a wreck about being a failure as papers are handed out and everyone sees the results.

She is never going to pass and the senior school she is going to says they will not use her SAT scores due to her ASD and other issues, they will test once she is with them.

I am a total loss about how to help her or make the school see that she needs to have a 1 to 1 with regular breaks to ensure she can at least complete a paper.

MumUnderTheMoon Fri 22-Mar-19 23:06:10

If the school she is going to aren't interested in SAT scores then does she even have to do the test?

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