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School want to start a diagnosis but I’m not sure of what?

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Babyiwantabump Fri 15-Feb-19 00:01:55

I don’t know if anyone can help but I had my DS’s parents evening last night and they have discussed about putting my son forward for a diagnosis of “complex communication needs” but what does this mean? They have had a senco in to observe him for the day and I’m still waiting for that report but just wondering if anyone knew what they were hinting towards?

Does this mean he is on the autistic spectrum?

To be honest it has come as a complete shock as he just seems like any 5 year old little boy to me - yes he is a bit shy but I don’t think he has SEN. At least I didn’t .

Thanks in advance

Babyiwantabump Sun 17-Feb-19 21:09:11

(Or soft play etc )

artichaut27 Mon 18-Feb-19 13:28:34

From what they describe (not wanting to put coat on, noise avoidance, sensory seeking) it sounds more of a Sensory issue.

Both my boys have sensory issues, but nothing that is too debilitating, not ASD. My DS1 (age 7) with dyspraxia also has Auditory Processing Disorder, he is sociable and kind but will spend a lot of time at school on his own at play time, because he's not keen on noisy environments and he likes daydreaming. No one ever raised it as an issue, and it's actually quite characteristic of DCD and SPD.

You mentioned he started speaking early. Is he noticeably ahead of his peers? Maybe his peers are not stimulating enough, hence talks to adults and he finds school confusing?

If you want to do a simple NHS diagnosis, you could check him for Auditory Processing Disorder through GP referral.

It might be a reason why he might act a bit withdrawn at school.

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