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Survey for all parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) in Nottinghamshire

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Throgglesprocket Wed 13-Feb-19 16:34:59

I've just been sent an email from our school for a survey about SEND in Nottinghamshire, so feel free to contribute your views!

The Survey closes on 22 February 2019.

HexagonalBattenburg Thu 14-Feb-19 16:37:03

Oh I think I'm going to have some fun here... don't think I can just submit a response full of four letter words though can I?!

Throgglesprocket Mon 25-Feb-19 14:24:12

I've got to admit I wasn't the most generous in my comments! grin

HexagonalBattenburg Mon 04-Mar-19 21:11:52

I was on a governor training day the other week (in Nottinghamshire LEA) and the trainers were coming out with nonsense like "and in Nottinghamshire we don't give EHCPs to children as there isn't the money for it"

They were sharpishly corrected on that one by me (and another teacher in the room who was horrified at the twaddle they were spouting). They'd already pissed me off by coming out with the line of "oh we didn't have any of those dys- issues when I was younger - we all just coped and got on with it"

Throgglesprocket Tue 05-Mar-19 13:39:03

I seriously hope they do give out EHCPs - I've just been told by CAMHs to apply for one!!!

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