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School may be earmarked for closure

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Didiplanthis Sun 10-Feb-19 19:46:23

I have 2 DC with additional needs (ASD) well supported in a small mainstream primary which is under threat of closure due to falling numbers.They have brilliant teachers who really understand them. They are doing well academically and socially. With rumours flying even more children are leaving. I can't see the school staying viable. There are no schools I actively want them to go to locally and the likelihood is they will be with their current teachers for at least another academic year. Nothing has been confirmed or denied by anyone re school future but unlikely anything will happen for at least a year. My gut feeling is to leave them where they are settled and supported for as long as possible but I realize my options may be more limited of I do. There are no 'bad' schools in my area just none I think would do as well for them as their current one. I'm so torn as to moving them now or maximizing the time they have in such a good environment in which time they will grow in confidence and maturity. Wwyd ??

Ellie56 Fri 15-Feb-19 22:31:57


I think I'd keep them where they are for the moment. In the meantime I would look at schools further afield if none in your local area seem suitable. Do your children have EHCPs?

Didiplanthis Mon 18-Feb-19 17:19:50

Thanks for replying. No EHCP, they haven't needed one. It's not that the other schools aren't suitable - I'm sure they would be fine it's just I do think they will offer the support and understanding current one does having known them a long time and got to know them.

michaelT1 Sat 23-Feb-19 11:12:40

Hello, I read this with great interest as I have 2 son's with SEN,both have ehc plans and before that had statements of special needs.My eldest now 20 went to a very good school with a speech and language unit which from what I understand most probably will be closing due to falling numbers in this unit,this is partly due to the local authority in not placing children in the unit when there is still a need for it,most probably due to funding.My son was in a mainstream primary school up until year 6,he had one great year which really helped him,but not enough for him to manage secondary school,so I had a long fight with the L A and eventually had to go out of borough which I didn't really want to do.with what I know now I wish I had pushed for help earlier and he would have got the help he needed and maybe he would have done better,My younger son started in mainstream education with a statement and managed until year 1,then I could see he was really struggling with the work and was very behind,so since the age of 8 he too is schooled out of borough as my L A don't have the right resources for him to be taught here,he is doing very well and I have no concerns.My advice to you,would be go with your gut instinct, you know your children more than anyone else,and also go for what your children need not what the L A will tell you is available etc,they very often do not tell the truth about what your child may or may not be entitled to education wise,having a EHC plan kind of protects your child's education needs etc.

SaturdayNext Sun 24-Feb-19 09:42:40

I'd suggest you talk to the school now about putting EHCPs in place as a precautionary measure. It will give you much more control over what happens if the school does close - for instance, there is a duty to try to meet parental preference as to school place, whereas if you are in the normal admission system the likelihood is that you will simply be allocated places at the next nearest school with vacancies in the relevant year groups.

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