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Anyone used Section 20 to get a residential school placement?

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sen44 Sun 03-Feb-19 15:12:11

Is there anyone out there who has had to go down the Section 20 'Looked After Child' route in order to get a residential school placement for their SEN child? Our 12 year old DS has been at a maintained special school but they've stated they can't cope with his aggressive behaviour, and he is currently not attending school at all. His EHCP is being reviewed, he is on Social Services' At Risk Register, but we know we are likely to have to fight the LA at Tribunal or Judicial Review in order to get DS the education, therapy and care he needs. He has severe learning difficulties, is non-verbal, autistic and epileptic. We've requested Section 20 and would love to hear from anyone who's had experience of this type of situation....thank you!

MontStMichel Mon 11-Mar-19 22:24:51

Yes, I have - but have you posted about this recently under another name? It's very similar to another thread?

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