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Ed Psych Referral Time

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pearpickingporky84 Sat 24-Nov-18 21:11:12

DS’s School discussed referring him to Ed Psych with us in early September, mentioning that they weren’t sure he would be accepted. They did not communicate with us again about this until I asked last week when they said it had been accepted verbally and that a form needed to be sent. They have now given us the referral form and it is apparent from it that the referral was verbally accepted in early September. School had intended to discuss it with us 2 weeks ago at a parent teacher meeting which was then cancelled for other reasons. I’m feeling a bit annoyed at both the delay in telling us it had been accepted and in sending the form.
Does this seem like an unreasonable delay in others experience?

KisstheTeapot14 Sat 12-Jan-19 17:09:37

Took us a year and a half from first asking school!

Find out when SENCO has their no contact day (ie not teaching so doing SENCO stuff) then e-mither them or ring them each week on that day. Seems to be the only way,

Strix Wed 13-Feb-19 14:22:15

Get a private Ed Psych report. I spent two years fighting with school, was fobbed off at every turn. The headteacher is bullying my ASD son because I had the audacity to ask her to educate him within the limits of the law. My relationship with school has been ruined. I have now hired a solicitor and paid for private reports. We are going to tribunal for an EHCP. I am confident I will win because the evidence and the law are on my side. But the road to get here has been absolutely awful. I wish I had never expected the school to behave reasonably because it led to so much sorrow and anger and disappointment.

Survivor18 Sun 17-Feb-19 20:55:59

If you can afford a private assessment get one asap.
I paid £1500 last summer after LA EP's shocking attempt at a report. He delivered one side of A4. The Private EP report was over 60 pages!
The school were reluctant to use one of their slots to get my DD assessed by an EP. The LA only instructed one when I refused to sign the Annual Review.
The LA EP was offended that I accused him of a lack of impartiality, but at the end of the day the school, the Council SEN dept and EP team all get financed from the same source. What one suggests, the other has to finance. They collude to not identify need, because without need they don't have to pay to support. The schools don't want our kids, with or without extra payments. They are sinking and will offload kids to homeschooling whenever they can. Don't become a statistic. If they are messing you about at the very start of the process, you need to roll up your sleeves and get ready for battle.
Good luck.

141mum Sat 02-Mar-19 19:00:26

You have to chase them constantly, apply direct to council to get the EHCP forms

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