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North Hampshire/Berkshire/Surrey Recommendations for secondary school Asperger high functioning

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Teacherjacks Sat 01-Sep-18 18:04:40

My dd is moving into Year 9 at a Specialist Secondary school but after a terrible year at this current school and do we are looking for a potential new school. She has Aspergers and high levels of anxiety. She copes well with main stream curriculum and should get GCSEs in 5 subjects, she is social and has no behavioural problems.

Having spent ages looking st alternative schools within North Hampshire/Berks and West Surrey, it seems most ASD schools cater for children with learning difficulties or behavioural problems. We are at a loss where to look now. Any help gratefully received as I feel a bit lost as to which other schools we could consider and dreading next week when school starts.
We liked Limpsfield Grange in Surrey but it would take 90 mins down the M25 to get her there and then back.
Criteria for a suitable school are:-
Aspergers friendly (ASD)
Girls and boys ( often there are v few girls)
Small class sizes
Academically successful
Ed Psych available to help with anxiety
Day not boarding
Up to an hour driving from Fleet in Hampshire

I am interested in Thames Valley Autistic school in Reading-has anyone got experience of it?

Any other suggestions v welcomed smile

Teacherjacks Sat 01-Sep-18 18:07:15


Betterdaysarecoming71 Sun 02-Sep-18 15:58:37

Have you looked at Hillingdon manor school? Or lvs oxford lvs is sightly futher then you were looking for. I've heard great things about them both.

Teacherjacks Sun 02-Sep-18 18:37:11

Thank you for your reply. I haven't looked at Hillingdon but will do. Previously I had a quick look at lvs ascot, which I think is in the same group as lvs oxford. Does it cater well for children with ASD? What impressed you about it?

rcmjs Thu 29-Nov-18 21:26:50

This sounds similar to my daughter though she also has ADHD - we are in the same area, so Limpsfield is too far for us unfortunately. Did you come across any other suggestions?

Ormb Wed 27-Feb-19 04:44:34

Very interested to hear Teacherjacks where you chose for your daughter. We are moving to west of London this summer and I am in the process of visiting schools in similar areas as you. Our DD is going into year 8, and we are moving back from the US ... Looking specifically at Alfriston, Limpsfield Grange, LVS Ascot, Stony Dean, Focus School (Stoke Poges).

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