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Academically challenged 12 year old from Australia

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JamieGold Sun 10-Jun-18 16:35:08

Wise moms, really need some help for my nephew who has been studying in Australia for the past 4 years and may be moving back to the UK this summer as my sister is getting a divorce. My sister and nephew hold British passports. He is definitely academically challenged- no specific diagnosis yet but is definitely behind in all subjects (but suspected ADHD- differing diagnosis from different specialists which hasn't helped). He's an active sporty child. What do they need to do to find a school in London? We are totally lost and don't know where to start. I don't live in the UK and am totally unfamiliar with the education system. Is there any chance of them finding a school for this September? He would be leaving midway through his school year as they have a Jan- Nov calendar.

Haveasay Wed 13-Jun-18 22:45:07

When they can prove an address they should contact the local authority admissions team to find out where there are vacancies in the appropriate year group.
If your sister has reports from specialists and documents to show what additional support her son has been receivingi n school she should discuss then with admissions team. Ali local authority mainstream schools would be expected to put in a level of additional support.
If they move back to the UK during summer holidays obviously schools will be closed so she will not be able to look around any. The local authority may be the admissions authority for some schools and therefore be able to advise on vacancies.. but other schools may be their own admissions authority in which case it might have to wait until schools are back although many operate with limited admin support during holidays

SoTiredNeedHoliday Mon 02-Jul-18 16:56:22

Another thing to consider is he might be a year behind as Australian academic years are different (kids start at a different age).

It depends if she is going private or local too.

I'd be looking on the edge of London and not in central unless he's going to a specialist private school. Mainly as you might get more space to at least give him focus on the things he's good at, sport etc which might be a help with confidence.

Private schools should be fine for September if your sister starts contacting them now.

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