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More house school Frensham

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Firefly2014 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:34:26

Thanks so much lamandler. Your post gives me hope as I constantly just head how difficult and impossible it is to get funding. Out of curiosity, how did you convince the LA authority that the school they named is not suitable ?
The additional challenge that I have is that I am applying out of Hertfordshire and are planning to move when DS finishes year 6 in 2020.
But any additional advice would be really appreciated. What additional reports did you submit ? Did you get full funding or partial funding.? Thank you!!!

lamandler Sun 14-Apr-19 18:08:50

Hello, we just agreed funding with our LA so it's possible. But not easy and we had to go down appeal route, thankfully have settled before tribunal. I'm sorry it's stressful for you, it is a horrible experience. Key is being able to prove why the school they name is not suitable, rather than why More House is.

I've kept myself going by reminding myself that from Sept (when DS joins More House) it's about what he CAN do rather than constantly raking over what he can't do.

Hope that helps, I feel a bit weird now that I can lay off the endless assessments, reports, chasing emails, etc! Delighted though of course ..

Firefly2014 Thu 11-Apr-19 19:00:27

I am currently going through the application process at more house for my son who has ADHD and potentially autism. We submitted our reports and are waiting to hear back from the school.
Also applying for EHCP at the moment and was wondering if you know any parents at More House who successfully were able to get the LA to pay for the tuition? Would love to get more feedback about the school. This process is quite stressful..

lamandler Mon 23-Apr-18 11:42:11

Hi Swippy. Didn't want to leave your comment unanswered, my DS has been offered a place at More House and we are currently figuring out if he would be best going in Y6 (next year) or waiting for the 'traditional' Y7 transition.

Your DS sounds a lot like mine! Have recently discovered that he has visual tracking issues which explains some of his reading problems, but he also has other sensory processing difficulties that mean that a 30 strong noisy class is hard for him.

MH has a very thorough assessment system - you send reports, visit the Head and all being well your DS attends a day (or two) and is quietly assessed alongside other boys in his peer group. They look at his potential to learn as they seem to fully understand that his learning environment may not have led him to reach that potential yet (re your q about academics).

We have visited the school a few times now and I am more impressed every time (particularly as I have come back from a meeting with the local 'outstanding' comp's SENCO just now and see how different their attitude to SEN is).

Swippy Sat 03-Mar-18 09:38:38

I’m looking at specialist options for my 7 year old, he has asd and adhd, he is very bright but hugely behind in literacy. I haven’t had him tested yet but we think he is dyslexic (unless it could be anything else). He is quite sociable in intent and no major anxiety or sensory issues, I believe his difficulties at school arise around frustration in this field. However I don’t know whether they prefer children who are doing well academically? Are there any other schools worth considering in Surrey/south London?

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