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Help with structuring argument for independent SS

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JeffJarrett Sun 11-Feb-18 16:15:56

DS has ASD & ADHD, has done fantastically well since the move from mainstream to maintained primary and we have been told to prioritise GCSE's by his current head (we all agree moving back to mainstream would be a nightmare even though he is academically able), out of 5 schools (2 maintained) one of the independents is best for him by a country mile. Not too far and apparently not one of the more expensive ones either.

Would be very grateful if someone could direct me to resources on how to structure my argument for the indie, such as what to include in my statement for the meeting, what to expect in the tribunal etc etc. Any websites or templates you know of would be fantastic, thank you.

Tainbri Mon 12-Feb-18 13:42:52

Our DS is funded at an indie. Firstly I asked where his paperwork was being sent and where they were thinking. Then I viewed them so I could argue both academically and socially. They do have to take parental choice into these things but the biggie is obviously cost. we got our placement by me agreeing to meet the cost of transport which is a big chunk of their budget if they haven't got a suitable maintained school close by.

JeffJarrett Mon 12-Feb-18 17:29:54

Thanks for replying. The closest maintained is not that much closer than the indie to be honest, but it's good to know that transport is a possible bargaining chip.

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