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Secondary nr Kensington for autistic son

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Yarnie Fri 09-Feb-18 11:55:40

We're starting to think about secondary provision for our son who is autistic. He is academically quite-to-very capable (depending on the subject), but currently has full-time, one-to-one. He doesn't have a lot of challenging behaviour but is very "switched-off" socially, needs support with language/communication (completely verbal, just atypical and a bit delayed) and affected by his environment from a sensory perspective.

I strongly feel that the high level of support he currently has, could be faded back quite dramatically, if he attended a small school with small class sizes.

I can't see him thriving or even coping in any of the local mainstream comprehensives. He is not a good fit for regular special or specialist schools. We've seen and nixed Queensmill (he doesn't need that level of support and wouldn't find a peer group there). He trialled at Blossom House in Euston some time ago, and they said they could not meet his academic needs, although they felt he was an ok fit, otherwise.

The school would need to be semi-local to North Kensington or central London, as I have a second NT child in school there.

It's so tricky to find places for these kids who don't fit comfortably into either the Aspergers-type profile, or the autism plus learning disability profile. Education settings seem to think it's an either/or situation.

Can anyone give me their views on Abingdon and The Moat, or suggest any schools I might not have considered?

Melawati Thu 22-Feb-18 10:40:33

It's maybe a little bit further from you than Moat House, but have you looked at Priory Lodge School in Roehampton?

Mary21 Sun 25-Feb-18 12:53:47

Might be a bit of a shlep but Canbury, Thames Christian College, Centre Academy.

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