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can I proceed with an EHCP even if I withdraw from school?

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firecracker20 Tue 05-Dec-17 10:36:13

I have another thread with most of the details but basically 7yo boy, very long wait for a probable HFA diagnosis and struggling ALOT at school. Violent, destructive meltdowns, totally unable to cope with the sensory demands etc. but at home he's wonderful. Bright, chatty and learning tons from being 1:1 with me and having minimal demands put on him. In school he was on the edge of a breakdown I think.

He's reintegrating into school but it's going very badly and they don't know how to help him or can help. He's only been referred recently for everything and it will be ages before any sort of diagnosis, assessments of need, EHCP or anything can be put into place even if he's eligible.

My gut says I need to get him out of school because he's damaged long term and home school him until all the assessments of need are actually completed and we can see what people would recommend for his schooling.

But I'm concerned that in doing so, we aren't proving how spectacularly he can fail in school (he's not been excluded fixed term yet or had a 1:1 just for him or anything) so I'm not sure if that will count against us and we should keep him in to show how much he suffers - but that seems barbaric.

Any advice??

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