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Advice please. Should he be getting more help?

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ConfusedMam Mon 04-Dec-17 10:52:52

I've name changed as this will be outing if anyone knows me. I'm confused and after some advice please.

My ds is 8, 9 next month, and in yr 4. He always had problems with his speech and had (private and NHS) SALT for 2 years before school and also had a multidisciplinary assessment which said he had "traits of aspergers and dispraxia".

When he started Reception, they flagged it up immediately and he has seen an Educational Psychologist a few times who agreed with this diagnosis. He was put on the SEN register and every term I got a form stating what additional help he would get.

Earlier this year the teacher told me that she doesn't think that he needs to be on the SEN list. I said that I wasn't sure that I agreed but she was the teacher and knew how he was doing. We have since had the parents evening where she said that he was in the right age range for most subjects but his reading comprehension is 6yrs 9 months and his hand writing is not good. (He is left handed and also didn't "chose a hand" until he was almost 6). She also told me that they have no time to help him, so I have to work with him at home (I work with him anyway which is why he isn't more behind probably). He has always been a good reader, but the understanding of what he is reading has always been the problem (highlighted with/by every teacher) and his hand writing is always playing catch up.

So, am I being unreasonable to go into school and ask for him to be put back on the SEN register (assumming that he has been taken off?). Are these the types of things that should be addressed? I am very disappointed that school appears to be writing him off already.

Thanks for any advice.

Sindri Tue 05-Dec-17 12:04:49

No one sad

muiisal Thu 07-Dec-17 05:46:29

Don't want to read and run, but I don't have particular advice. Sorry you're feeling the school isn't being supportive, have you had a dedicated meeting with the SENCO? If you feel strongly that he should stay on the list then I could put all your concerns listing his particular issues in writing, email that as a basis to call a meeting and then you have specific discussion points to address.

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