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When your dc doesn't cause problems at school.. provision?

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Waitingforsleep Wed 29-Nov-17 22:37:04

It's late but what happens when school say your child is fine- spelling on target, focussed concentrating and not anxious etc.
I know dd will not have outbursts anywhere other than home as that's where she feels safe however as she keeps things in should school be helping with this?
It's hard as have been told oh yes she is on target for spelling for example however she certainly is not on target and struggles to spell a lot of words how can I believe what else they are saying?

Tissie Thu 30-Nov-17 23:50:09

Since the government abolished good old levels on the grounds that parents did not understand them, assessment has become a nightmare for parents as the vague "your child is on target" can mean anything depending on what the target is. Ask for more detailed information: what are the targets? what evidence is there? Ask for results of tests. I can send you a spelling test if you pm me and say what age your child is.

Waitingforsleep Sat 02-Dec-17 11:56:27

Thank you, will do.
I tried to talk to them about the outburst she has at home and advice I have been given to retain focus. But they said she is always focussed at school so can't see anything.
She has been dx with ADHD amongst other things and I have been told she should have movement breaks but the response was " shall I just go and move her when she is doing her work and focussing? That would disturb her great work" obviously I said no but that she should have breaks to get up etc maybe be the one to hand out the books in class etc. Teacher rolled her eyes and said she had never heard of that.
Felt so annoyed. I know dd is different at school than home but was trying to tell them she has a hidden disabilty and strategies should still be in place.

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