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Do private fee schools accept SN children?

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Sophiathe2nd Sun 26-Nov-17 16:00:33

Little one is 3 next year and wanted him to go to a private Nursery/school. He is pre diagnosis but Is non verbal and paed Suspected communication disorder and 18 month wait for MDA assessment.

The school policy says they do accept but I just wondered if anyone had experience of this?

muiisal Sun 26-Nov-17 18:52:23

I've been struggling for around five months now to find one that will accept my sons needs. He has had trials etc. But so far it's a no. He is ASD with learning difficulties. Has no behavioural issues. Most schools don't even get back to us...

Tainbri Mon 27-Nov-17 21:10:51

We paid for our son to go private for the first three years (reception to Y2) we did this mainly because we wanted to defer him starting school until he was five as we knew he'd struggle. It is illegal for schools to discriminate on the grounds of disibilty but in reality they can find ways to put you off, tell you they're full or whatever but a school that doesn't want him isn't going to be one to help him, so best left well alone anyway. In our case it was money well spent at the time BUT when he got to Y2 they said he'd need a full time 1:1, extra intervention such as SALT as he wasn't keeping up (we knew he wouldn't long term) and there was no way we could afford those kind me of fees anyway, so we ended up applying for an EHCP but it did mean a change of placement to a more specialist independent school which is now funded by the LA.

Usernamealreadyexists Thu 30-Nov-17 07:50:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AngelicaM Mon 04-Dec-17 23:20:28

Our DS was diagnosed ASD, non verbal at 2.5, he had been in the private nursery that was part of a private prep school since 1, they got one to one funded by the Council for the time he was nursery age, but it was made clear to me in the most polite terms that they didn't have the expertise to support him past nursery. If your little one is still pre-verbal by the time school comes round you will most likely need an EHCP and it's very very tricky to get one in an independent school without very good evidence that no maintained school could meet their needs. Which would just be to hard to prove at Reception age I think. So if your child needs extra support, like one to one, you will have to fund that as well as fees. And as others have said, on the whole they just don't want to know as it won't help their results tables. Sorry if that sounds a bit depressing 😏

Swippy Tue 12-Dec-17 19:12:25

I think it depends on the school private or state and the teachers. You get some private that are very academically focussed and I also find some state schools are too or more obsessed with ofsted results than helping the child. My eldest has asd and adhd and went to state school we have had constant battles and although there are some amazing teachers who genuinely care, it’s taken until year 2 to get fr right support. He has 25 hours 121 support and an echp. My middle was diagnosed today and we actually have decided to put him in a private school with smaller classes. My understanding is you can still apply for an echp but not to pay the school fees just to fund extra help. Anyway in order to get a good echp we found we needed to pay for independent reports For slt for example and you really need to fight for it even in mainstream.
Just make sure you ask all the right questions about what they can offer and you will get a good idea...
We are still undecided but swaying to private

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