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Are all SN schools part time?

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StarsAndMoonsBlanket Fri 10-Nov-17 21:51:54

DD is 2 years 5 months but due to issues with Development, Speech, Eyes, Ears and Hips. She's unlikely to close the gap between her and her peers. She's struggling in her Nurseries pre-school and they're talking about whether she will move back to the toddler room even though all her friends are at the pre-school. Paediatrician says she's likely to go to Special School, but we're not sure which yet.

I have a friend who has a teenage son who's in a Special School for Autism amongst other issues. He comes home from school at 12.30 everyday, and does not do any other kind of education for the afternoon. I honestly didn't believe my friend when she said the school closes at 12 and all the children are sent home but looking at the schools website it's the truth as it says "Lesson 3 finishes at 12 and children go home to their families for lunch and afternoon education".

This is a through school (4-16 years) so could be the school DD attends, or it may not be. But I just wondered if this is usual for SN Schools? And if it is what families are expected to do about afternoon education if the school does close at 12?

BackforGood Fri 10-Nov-17 23:09:40

There are dozens of Special schools in my LA and all of them operate normal school hours. Well, that said, one has cut the day by 1/2 hr per day from this year, but none of them only have pupils in for 1/2 a day.

If it says that on the website though, it seems like that is what happens there. Seems odd though as surely that is discriminatory if all pupils except those with disabilities attend for 6 hours a day but those with disabilities only attend for 3 hours a day.

StarsAndMoonsBlanket Sat 11-Nov-17 08:55:01

I'm not sure whether it's in the same LA as me, but it just concerned me as it is a special school so all it's pupils finish at 12. The nearest state primary school to it finishes at 3.30pm as normal which is worrying.

Frusso Sun 12-Nov-17 08:19:51

It’s not all Special schools. The ones my dd has been in (and the ones that we looked at when we moved) were all 9-3 or 9-3:15.
Only came across one that finished differently but that offered weekly residential so finished early on a Friday and started later on a Monday.

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