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Boarding School for ADHD (Expat moving back to the UK)

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user1490053138 Mon 06-Nov-17 04:04:39

We are planning to move back to the UK from Australia.

Our son has ADHD (average intelligence), struggles with organisational skills and motivation with school. We struggle to get the support he needs in Australia. In fact, one of his teachers (from the UK) here in Australia said he would get more help in the UK.

This is a big move and I am scared of 'jumping from the 'frying pan and into the fire' (as they say), when finding the right school for our son in the UK. He will be entering into year 9 in Sept 2018. I have already spoken to The More House School but they have no places left.

We are looking at moving back to Kent/Sussex (my home) and would appreciate any feedback regarding schools and support with ADHD.

We are considering Seaford College, Bethany College and The Northease School (Lewes). We have also considered St David's in Wales, but this is not in our preferred location as we will be living in the SE and moving from boarding to a day student (once we make the big move from Australia) will not be an option.

Mary21 Tue 07-Nov-17 16:39:25

There is a mumsnetter who had a good experience with more House in Frensham called expatmoma if you do a search

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