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EHCP - change of placement

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stripymum Mon 23-Oct-17 21:32:29

We are moving from a statement to an EHCP, and will be using this to ask for a change of placement. We've just been issued with the draft EHCP. When we had the EHCP meeting we agreed the short-term medium-term and long-term objectives for my sons education. Would it be advisable to have a lawyer review these towards supporting our case for a change of placement? How important do you think these objectives are when the council makes their decision? Or will they be looking more at my sons needs, and whether they can be met in a mainstream setting. Thank you.

BackforGood Mon 23-Oct-17 23:51:39

A Lawyer seems completely over the top to me.
Why do you think you would need a lawyer ? Is there history that you've not given ?

Are you looking for specialist provision ? OR mainstream? Are you wanting to move from one to the other, or within the same sector? Or are you looking for out of authority placement?
Or is there difference of opinion between you and the school ?

Yes, in principle they look at the child's needs, and also listen to the family's preference. In practice, they then have to work within the limits of what they are given.

stripymum Tue 24-Oct-17 03:12:30

We are looking for a out of local authority placement at a private specialist school. Our maintained local primary school is supportive. We don't believe there are any maintained specialist schools that would be able to meet the needs of our son who has above average intelligence with complex learning needs.

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