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ASD DS can't cope with Secondary School

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Besidetheseaside76 Thu 05-Oct-17 12:19:15

My DS is 14, yr10. We moved him to a new Secondary school in Yr 9 as he was being bullied and the previous school wouldn't acknowledge it or help. SInce moving to the new school bullying has started again. School have dealt with individual incidents but we are now at the stage where DS is traumatised by school and self-harming and feeling suicidal. CAMHs have diagnosed depression and anxiety. After an incident at home this week where he made (not viable) attempts to kill himself he is currently off school. Gp advised to keep him off for the rest of the week. GP and Camhs have both acknowledged that school is the root of his distress. Camhs are contacting school to see what more they can do. DS has no friends, is not coping in lessons, tells me that everywhere he goes in school people laugh at him and insult him. School say this can't be happening. I feel like Home Ed is looking like our only solution. Has anyone else been in similar situations? What I need to know are: do we have other options (other than Home Ed)? What should I be asking school/LA to do? Can I be prosecuted for keeping DS off school even if the thought of going to school puts him at risk of self-harm/suicide attempts? Thanks

Besidetheseaside76 Thu 05-Oct-17 12:28:42

Sorry, meant to say my DS has ASD, no EHCP though.

Verbena37 Tue 24-Oct-17 19:31:07

Hi besidethesea
Check out the Interhigh thread on SN Chat.
I’ve got exactly the same problem as you only we are further have removed him but still on roll at school. We are paying for Interhigh which has been generally positive and have started the EHCP ball rolling.

We see it as some education (albeit online), with lower anxiety is better than the self harming and daily school refusal.

Ellie56 Wed 15-Nov-17 23:42:05

Maybe your son would do better in the calmer and quieter environment of a specialist school where class sizes are smaller and where staff are ASD trained. But you need an EHCP for this.

I would apply for an EHCP needs assessment, citing ASD, anxiety, self harm and suicidal feelings. Advice here:

Look for schools here:

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