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How to know if your child has epilepsy ?

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notgivingin789 Tue 25-Apr-17 20:12:38

Hi all,

I'm getting quite worried now.

So DS 7 has SCD ( he has Autism I don't care what they say), verbal dyspraxia, allergies.

For the past couple of years, DS has been suffering from extreme tiredness. His extremely tired after school, tired after walking, tired after sports. The school mentions that his attention and focus is very good in the morning but by the afternoon he gets tired.

He went to a group session, just a sport type of thing and he was very very tired, though I out it down to not sleeping well last night ( he didn't sleep till 1 am !) and DS was practically falling asleep, he then put his head to one side and trying to lift his head up so imagine dozing off and trying to wake yourself up. The leader looked concerned and asked me if he has Epilepsy, that the way his acting suggests that or something about absence seizures. As you can tell I'm alarmed now.

DS was fine over the holidays but as soon as we went out, after an hour, his complaining that his really tired. I feel like I can't take him out for long days as he gets tired or starts limping on me. Going to the park, he can manage and stays for long period.. the swings, sand but when it comes to climbing he starts getting exhausted.

His sleep is not good (due to a certain issue but afraid to say as it would definitely out me !). His had various blood tests but they have all come back normal apart from that he has a low refinery in Vitamin A. I'm concerned that DS has Epilepsy. Is what I present a common feature of Absence Epilepsy sad.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Thank you.

Lilicat1013 Fri 02-Jun-17 23:14:22

It doesn't sound like epilepsy to me, I have epilepsy myself including absence seizures and have worked in a care home where four out of the six service users had epilepsy so I have seen a lot of seizures.

However if you are worried you can take him to your GP who will refer him to a neurologist for further tests. I wasn't diagnosed till I was 26 when my boss at the care home spotted I had absence seizures. I had an initial meeting with blood tests, then an EEG and an MRI. Minor lesions on the left side of my brain were found and I was diagnosed with complex partial seizures and absence seizures.

When my son was a toddler I became concerned he may have complex partial seizures as he was rolling his eyes back in his head and going limp, however he is autistic and sometimes does somewhat strange things because he feels like it. He had a EEG and they did very well with him considering he is completely uncooperative. It was found there was no evidence of epilepsy and it was suggested I keep observing him and let them know if I had further concerns, I didn't so it wasn't pursued any further.

It might be worth looking on You Tube for videos of different type of seizures so you know what to look out for and watch closely. As well as absence seizures it is worth looking up complex partial seizure and watching a couple of videos on those as they are different for different people.

I hope that is some help.

Mumteadumpty Tue 06-Jun-17 23:00:03

It doesn't sound like epilepsy to me. If he doesn't sleep well he will be tired in the day. Also his SCD and other difficulties may mean that he finds the normal day to day activities more tiring.

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