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Barrytheunicorn Wed 22-Mar-17 17:35:54

My dd has ASD and is currently at an independent school.

The school are talking about getting her on a EHCP, my most major concern is that she abdolutely loves the school and we really don't want dd to lose her place, but I genuinely don't think the school will be named on the plan. Its not on the list of independent schools that are recognised and have to provide a place.

So I'm in a bit of a dilemma if we go down this route and the LA don't agree to put the school she is at down on the plan and instead name another school in our LA area, does my daughter HAVE to leave the school she is at? Can the LA legally force us to move her?

If she can't stay at her current school I want to move into the next county and get her into a school there or even consider home schooling her. Again, will I have the option to do either of these if she is on an EHCP or will it just make the process more difficult?

I just don't want to be forced down this route right now as I'm concerned that the schools locally are not really the kind of schools my dd would do well in (large class sizes, over subscribed we had to pull her out of her previous school as it was just too overwhelming for her and she was just upset all day) whereas in her current school she's in a class of 6 which suits her perfectly and she copes really well.

In the next county there is a tiny village school that would be my 'plan b' if her place at this school stopped being an option but would a EHCP cause complications in moving her to the next county?

Thanks for any answers I'm just so confused about the plans.

Tainbri Wed 22-Mar-17 20:59:06

Hi. Firstly you are not under any obligation to apply for an EHCP. It isn't as simple as "getting one" unfortunately. The main reason for having one is to secure provision to meet your DCs needs. It is always advisable for a parent to apply anyway, not the school. Have they said why? Are you looking to have your place funded? I presume you are paying the school fees yourself at present. Is the school asking for you to leave or saying they can't meet her needs? You need to have a good old sit down with your senco by the sounds of things. Has your dad had a recent Ed Psyc report?

Barrytheunicorn Wed 22-Mar-17 21:16:07

Thanks for replying
We pay the fees ourselves and everyone was happy with dd until a new senco joined the school now she's being quite forceful about applying for the EHCP and saying it's now a condition of dd remaining there.
Dd hasn't been seen by anyone and isn't even on any IEP's like she was at her last school.
All parents evenings have been positive and no indication of any issues until the new Senco joined.

Dd has quite severe speech delay and has some visible quirks (hand flapping / humming) but so far is coping well with the school and routine, she has a few problems with understanding at times but up until Senco joined the teacher didn't think they were bad enough to warrant an IEP.

I think the Senco is just thinking of the extra money my dd could generate for the school angry so I'm just really worried about being forced into something that I don't even understand the long term implications of.

At least it's not just as simple as applying which is a bit of a relief. Can the school try and instigate it without me asking?

Tainbri Thu 23-Mar-17 13:59:02

On the surface of what you are describing the senco isn't acting within the law. I think you need to speak to the Head Teacher to be honest. She may well be saying that she feels your dd is going to need a lot of extra intervention which isn't part of the core provision, in this instance she should be telling you what that is and how your dd will get it, be suggesting a plan of intervention and advising you on any additional costs (since you're funding yourself) In which case, you as a parent (not her) may want to consider options, including an EHCP, but before you even apply, the school needs to prove what differentian it has made etc. What sounds more likely is she is using a sneaky way to get you to move schools. Possibly even trying to frighten you off. Some independent schools don't want Sen students because they bring the league table figures down or other parents are "put off" (believe me it goes on!) but of course they don't say it like that and would deny that's the case. It is against the law for her to be descrimating against your daughter on the grounds of disability. Have a look at for some information on the law surrounding children with additional needs and more info on EHCPs. Don't let this senco bully you as this is how it seems given by what you're saying.

Tainbri Thu 23-Mar-17 14:04:07

One more thing. Speaking from experience. Get a paper trail going. Ask the senco to put everything in writing and don't agree to any thing you're not happy with and completely understand. The children and families act 2014 gives parents a lot more power.

Goldmandra Mon 27-Mar-17 13:31:27

An EHC assessment may lead to the issuing of an EHC Plan.

The Plan is a document that details the child's needs and how they should be met.

Once the plan is finalised, the parents get to choose which school is named. The LA has to go with the parents' choice unless doing so would be an inefficient use of public funds or would be detrimental to the education of other pupils.

If you are offering to continue to pay the school fees and just want the LA to pay for the SEN provision, it would be hard to see how they could argue inefficient use of public funds.

This blog post explains a bit more and contains a link to the IPSEA website which is worth exploring too.

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