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Advice from those having been through EHCP process

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SabrinaTheTeenageBitch Fri 03-Mar-17 14:18:30

Hi all

My 11 year old daughter has ASD and cerebral palsy. She has been mainstreamed with a statement and 1:1 support throughout primary but the past few years (year 4 onwards) have been a real struggle for her. She uses two sticks to get around and needs constant adult supervision as she cannot balance without them, help with toileting and a wheelchair for long distance. She is very passive and constantly worries about 'upsetting people' so is easily brushed under the rug as she won't ask for help or vocalise when she is struggling. She has a lot of anxiety issues and is under CAHMS for this.

Her draft EHCP recommended a mainstream school with a ASD provision attached. This school is huge - we attended an open day and she was exhausted navigating her way around the school. The school does not allow students to remain in the provision full time. I feel her autism needs more consideration than this but her mobility problems are my main focus at the moment.

Every report has the reccomendation that she has a school with a one level accessible environment and support for her ASD. We have a special needs school locally that ticks all the boxes but the LA are putting up a fight. We have been asked to attend a meeting to 'discuss our concerns' but they are clearly of the opinion that she should remain in a mainstream environment. I really, really disagree.

I dont even know what advice im asking for - just wanted a rant grin I feel like im floundering, im no expert i just want whats best for my child and im so, so stressed and bogged down with it all!

Megatherium Sun 12-Mar-17 07:42:27

You'll probably get more replies if you repost on the SN children board. I guess all you can do for immediate purposes is go the meeting with a list of all the recommendations for one level environment and ask why they're ignoring it - make sure you take a careful note of what they say and produce your own minutes of the meeting afterwards.

Is this for a place in September? The LA should have finalised the EHCP by 15th February. I would suggest you push them to do so so that you can challenge the placement through the tribunal.

marajade48 Thu 16-Mar-17 16:45:00

Sorry you're having this struggle - it's just bloody exhausting sometimes!

When I was working to get my son into special school, the most helpful person was the head of the special school itself. She was very much of the opinion that the environment was right for him and would be productive and positive. If you haven't already, I'd try approaching someone at the school and expressing how you feel.

I'd also write everything down - when I've been to meetings like this I've been so nervous and on edge that I've needed the prompt of notes in front of me. If there's anyone who could come with you as support and to get another view on things that might help. I'm very lucky that my son's Godfather has been a special needs teacher for 30 years, so he came to all meetings with me and spoke the lingo, which I didn't at the time! Perhaps a local group or charity has someone similar?

It seems eminently reasonable to me that if she is physically exhausted just getting around the school, then it's probably not the right one for her, but sometimes people who hold the purse strings seem to need convincing of these things!

Good luck smile

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