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Power of EHCP?

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user1464810845 Sat 25-Feb-17 22:57:33

Hi All

My OH and I have some unswered questions around the EHCP. Our DS has a diagnosis of ASD.

The LA agreed to proceed with a EHCP for our DS approximately 14 months ago. It was always our intention to try mainstream first and hoped he could cope. We originally applied for mainstream school and named our preferred school on the plan. Our DS was due to start reception in Sept 16, but we decided to pull the plug on it after the chosen school did not follow any of the agreed actions for the transition from nursery to the school and we lost all confidence that the school and staff could meet his needs. We felt very let down and at this point decided our DS would remain at Nursery and decided to apply for a Special School to start in Sept 2017.

We believed we had a very strong case to gain admission to the chosen special school, but at the point of application did not amend the EHCP
Named school. In December, we were notified our application was unsuccessful. At this point we decided we wanted to try another mainstream school, and wanted our DS to start ASAP to avoid any further delays in education.

We found a school we thought would be able to meet his needs and he started in January with settling in sessions. My OH and I have been transitioning him since January, a couple of hours per day until his one to one starts (due to start in March).

We have major concerns as our DS will have severe meltdowns every time he enters the classroom with the other children. He is only able to tolerate the classroom with no children in ( when they're at lunch, PE or outside playing). He enjoys the library which is small and often unoccupied but can't stay in there all day! He is overwhelmed by the presence of 30 other children in a reasonably small classroom and just cannot cope , even with ear defenders on and all his motivators present.

After 6-7 weeks of no improvement, we are now considering whether mainstream will ever work for our DS. He also had SPD and cannot cope with the environment. Our big question is, if we decided to amend the EHCP and name our preferred special school (this could be the one we have already been rejected for September start, or another school) , Would the school need to offer him a place due to his EHCP?

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Thank you :-)

BackforGood Sun 26-Feb-17 20:41:46

IME, it would depend on if they had room.
In our authority, sadly, there are many, many children who don't get special school places, because there simply aren't anywhere near enough.
It would seem sensible to call a review of his EHCP though, to get the provision amended.

Megatherium Tue 28-Feb-17 09:10:54

Why hasn't the one to one started? If it was on the EHCP, they should have been in place without delay.

You can ask to amend the EHCP but bear in mind the LA doesn't have to agree - though it sounds as if the current school would support you and therefore shouldn't be a problem. Does the special school you want have a vacancy? If not, you'll struggle to get a place there. However, it would be worth looking a bit further, including schools outside your local authority area and independent special schools.

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