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Selective mutism?Advice . Long

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Ahardmanisgoodtofind Wed 15-Feb-17 01:07:31

DS is 6.5, would only speak in single words until age 5, essentially mute at school, naturally school questioned his level of understanding (which was slightly delayed but not severely)
Last year he began speaking (at home) in full sentences,still very reluctant at school.
SLT specialist saw him several times, and met with us, suggested she believed he had selective mutism/reluctant speech, that the best way forward was to continue to encourage but not pressure him to speak.
Fast forward to now 18months on. At parents evening teacher said he's not completing work, just doesn't do it especially independently, will some times do so e if ta or teacher sits with him and basically tells him what to write.he refuses (no verbally) to do tests. He doesn't answer general questions or volunteer answers either 1:1 or in group settings. He will however "tell takes" in clear and correct language (welsh school) so he CAN speak and does understand.
Teacher literally said she doesn't know what to do with him,as they have no way of assessing his development etc.
We have spoken to DS about doing work alone and that he should complete tasks ect but I'm not sure how much he understands. This is the first time ANY of these issues have been raised,in fact before Xmas she said whilst he was "quiet" she had no concerns.
I was blindsided at the meeting so agreed that it's obviously difficult to asses,it was easier last year because he had a 1:1 in mornings, and that we would obviously speak to him.
Im concerned that she (teacher) literally has no ideas on how to approach this but have no ideas in this setting my self (at home we are very firm,limit distractions)
Where do we go from here?

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