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University and ASD/HFA

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Flickering Thu 02-Feb-17 08:19:42

My dd is in yr 11, has a diagnosis of HFA and dyspraxia. She's very academic and copes well in a selective mainstream school. She gets extra time and a laptop for exams.
We are starting to think ahead to university - what kind of support exists for students like her? Are certain universities better than others? I have no idea what to look for/expect so would be grateful for any information

Mary21 Fri 03-Feb-17 15:10:12

Ds1 asd amongst other things is in his 1st year at uni. Coping well. He gets DSA which gives him laptop, some tuition in using it. Weekly mentoring.
He opted to live in a small hall of residence. About 40 students in total. 8 or 9 to a floor. He also opted for self catering which suits him.
It's a campus uni and quite small. He has joined some societies and enjoy pizza and gaming night . Also joined board gaming!
He does do quite a bit by himself. Going into town, taking himself of running but that's him and that's fine. He seems to be enjoying the freedom

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