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Worried about the physical restraining that my son is receiving?

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ncing Wed 25-Jan-17 21:44:40


My son is 9 and has ASD and ADHD. He is small for his age if that makes a difference.

School staff are allowed to restrain him if he becomes a danger to himself/others and a teacher who has been trained is called to do so. His TA has recently been trained (she was given the choice) and it definitely makes things easier. It causes less distribution, so I'm very grateful that she chose to do that.

She's a lovely lady. However, he brings home his report each day and on the days where it's written in that he needed to be restrained, he always has small marks on the back of his arms. So I brought it up with the TA, she replies with "oh, it can happen, usually when he's very aggressive". However, when the other staff restrained him, he never once had a mark on him.

I'm just a bit worried that her technique isn't properly done, or maybe it was just luck that the other staff never left a mark on him? I'm wondering if I should speak to someone about it, but don't want to if it's a normal occurrence.

Thank you

queenofthebucket Sat 28-Jan-17 09:13:04

Hi ncing I think if you are at all concerned you should talk to the head.

I am trained in physical restraint techniques but there are different types so couldn't comment on your sons experience.

I would think they should be checking him after an incident and writing in his report if a mark occurred, not waiting for you to notice and then brushing it off in this way.

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