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High school woes

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Frith2013 Mon 07-Nov-16 16:41:51

Usual fight to get statement (ASD). Son now in year 9, communication centre within large high school.

All good for 2.5 years. New head has led to mass exodus of staff. Sixth form has dropped from 100+ to 40. No morale in staff.

Vicious new behaviour policy (though school had no problems before). Talking i class/lining up not allowed. All C2s lead to instant detention - and C2 could be for looking out of the window, not answering a question - all things you might do more often if you have ASD...

Also, somehow sanctions cancel out achievement points - not something I've ever heard of in other schools.

So son is now in minus numbers for achievement points, despite throwing himself into his work and actually getting loads. He gets sanctions for his tie not being straight, for talking and, last week, for being distracted by a squirrel out of the window.

The TAs and centre manager hate the new system and undermine it quietly as much as they can.

Son got a C3 today for talking, has 2 detentions this week, and was crying at school.

Where do I go from here? I have asked for an appointment with the head plus communication manager. What do I say? Is it unfair to expect children with statements and learning difficulties to bend to an extreme behaviour policy?

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