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Can you hold your child back a year in secondary?

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idontwantthislifenomore Wed 26-Oct-16 23:08:29

My dd is 14 but school is a real challenge. She has an ehcp. She is currently year 10 but it's too much for her. Does anyone know if I can ask for her to be put back into year 9? My dd is not completely against the idea. My Ds will be starting there in September. Dd would be year 11 if not but would feel more confident with Ds there so this way would have two years with Ds there rather than one. Her academic levels are too high for the local special schools but are more on a par with a year 9 child. Just thought I'd ask on here before I contact the school or la. Thanks

Candlestickcapers Fri 02-Dec-16 12:38:58

My son is out of year group, he has an EHCP. School or local authority don't like it but I argued the case socially, emotionally, psychologically as well as academically and eventually got my way. It's the same old jumping through hoops and using the right buzz words. If only it was as simple as people having common sense and thinking of the child!!

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